BORAX 10.5%

BORAX 10.5%

Because borax is generated from boron, adding it into the soil can help plants thrive in terms of health, growth, and reproduction. It’s vital to use no more than the authorised amount of borax as a fertiliser because it can harm plants, which is why it can also be used as a herbicide in bigger quantities.

In recent years, researchers have focused their attention on a number of mysterious plant illnesses for which no appropriate explanation has been found, and in many cases, amelioration has been achieved by adding boron compounds to the soil. Sugar beet heart rot and turnip brown heart are two examples, and it’s becoming common practise to mix in a little amount of boron compounds with the fertiliser.

Components Contents


10.5 %

Matter insoluble in water

1.0 %

Lead (Pb)

0.003 %


9.0 - 9.5


    • 50 kg